The Ferris Lab

Welcome to the Ferris Lab at Tulane University! Dr. Kathleen Ferris studies the genetic and phenotypic basis of adaptation and speciation in a closely related group of wildflowers, the Mimulus guttatus species complex. The Ferris Lab is currently looking for a full time lab technician (see ad below), post-doctoral scholars, undergrads, 4+1 masters students, +1 masters students, and PhD students! If you are interested in joining the lab in any capacity please contact Dr. Ferris.

The Ferris Lab is committed to diversity, inclusion, and to being actively anti-racist. We know that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with our Black students, colleagues, and the broader Black community during this difficult time which is predicated on systemic racism in our country’s past and present. We will continue to show this solidarity to all marginalized groups into the future.

Evolutionary biology is fundamentally the study of biological diversity, but has been and is currently misused to justify racial superiority and inexcusable atrocities. Therefore as evolutionary biologists we should be held particularly accountable for confronting this dynamic, while also celebrating and supporting diversity in our communities as we work towards racial equality. In this lab we commit to making a welcoming and supportive environment for all and towards ending systems of oppression and inequality. If you would like to get involved click here for a link to a list of local NOLA anti-racist organizations.

Lab News:

06/09/2021_Check out this awesome blog post on maintaining work/life balance during a global pandemic by PhD student Jill Syrotchen! Way to go Jill!

06/07/2021_New Ferris Lab PhD student Whitney Murchison arrives in NOLA!!!! Welcome Whitney!!!

10/23/2020_Dr. Caroline Dong joins the Ferris lab as a new post-doctoral scholar!!!!!!! Welcome Caroline!!!!!

10/5/2020_The Ferris lab is featured in ‘Tulane Today‘!!!

8/10/2020_Jill Syrotchen has recently joined the Ferris lab as a new PhD student!!!! Welcome Jill!

7/7/2020_Dr. Ferris received an NIH ESI MIRA grant!!!!! The lab is funded for the next 5 years!!!!!

1/16/2020_Natalie Gonzalez joined the Ferris Lab as our new research technician!!!! Welcome Natalie!

Recently Dr. Ferris published a paper on leaf shape evolution in The American Journal of Botany!

Dr. Ferris was featured in the Society for the Study of Evolution’s New Faculty Profiles. Check it out!

Tulane Crest

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